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17 February 2011 @ 08:35 am
IMDB - how we can help Diane!  

Good morning everyone :)

Did you know that the imdb.com star rating can make or break getting work in the acting biz? As crazy and stupid as it sounds it is true! A higher star rating can be the difference between a job and no job!

The great thing is that WE, her fans, can help keep her star rating up by visiting her page everyday, by talking in her message board, by spreading the Diane word around the net in hopes of getting more and more people to look at her imdb :)

Diane is such an AMAZING talent and it really stinks to know that if her star rating is down that she could be losing out on work! but as much as it stinks it is a reality so we need to do whatever we can to spread the Diane love anywhere and everywhere (facebook, twitter, livejournal, forums, etc).

The star ratings are done on a weekly basis and are usually updated every monday afternoon — She is up 33% this week (woohoo) so lets make sure she stays up for next week :)

Sound off in the comments section if you have other suggestions for how we can help get people to visit her page!

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